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The Defense Department’s Cyber Crime Center will soon be accepting applications for a limited number of companies within the defense industrial base to benefit from security researchers already working for the department.

“If you’re a small to medium sized DIB company and are interested in attending an industry day on Feb. 12th to learn how this free, DoD-provided capability will improve your #cyberhygiene please send an email to for an invite,” the center recently wrote in a pair of tweets. “Application window opens after event!”

DOD’s Cyber Crime Center already hosts a voluntary cybersecurity program with a collaborative information sharing environment which includes over 720 companies, according to Carnegie Mellon’s Software Engineering Institute, which conducted a feasibility study on the expansion of the DOD’s current vulnerability disclosure program. DOD sponsored the study by the institute, which is a leader in the vulnerability disclosure coordination space and a federally funded research and development center.

The Carnegie Mellon study recommended a pilot to test how the program would address those, and advised that it initially only be open to 20 companies from across the defense industrial base.

The program will launch on April 5 in collaboration with the Defense Counterintelligence Security Agency and the information sharing environment, the Defense Cyber Crime Center said.

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Originally published February 2, 2021