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The federal government awards nearly $500 billion each year on contracts, and anyone can compete for them! After registering your business, you can join thousands of companies that participate in the government contracting marketplace.

But beware, the contracting process means that thousands of companies also spend a lot of money, time and effort chasing opportunities that they never had a chance at in the first place. Or they pursue strategies that aren’t going to get them any closer to landing that elusive first deal.

Don’t be one of these companies! If you’re interested in winning government contracts, we salute you. Not only is it a lucrative market, you’ll provide a key service to a client with an important mission that impacts us all. So in the interest of opening government markets to diverse new companies, we’re offering this list of seven common mistakes that cost government contractors a lot of time and money so you can avoid making them yourself.

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Originally published Jan. 21, 2020.