Story excerpt provided by The Washington Post

Written by Gloria Larkin,

The virtual world seems to have supplanted in-person meetings in our social and business lives.

Even when in person, many adults are glued to their smart phone screens, paying more attention to their virtual existence than the people sitting in front of them. As PTAC counselors, you know this has a huge impact on small businesses attempting to enter the government contracting marketplace. This article provides information and resources that PTACs can share to help their clients to be more creative in building the personal relationships they need for success.

It’s not surprising that PTAC clients may not realize the importance of face-to-face communication. Forty percent of American workers now work remotely at least part of their work week and rely on email, instant messaging and video web tools for daily business communications. And about one-third of employees in all sectors spend 80 percent of their time working someplace other than the typical corporate or government office. Virtual communication tools are demanded in this environment.

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Originally Published April 9, 2018.